Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Around the Majors

So with baseball nearly a quarter way in, major league standings are figuring themselves out. Though about 40 games cannot be a true ruler. In fact 81 games standings don't matter either. The only standings that matter are the ones after game 162. But regardless let's see what's going on. In the AL East the Rays continue to claim the #5 spot. Tampa and Baltimore the two teams in the division to be under .500. Blue Jays are continuing to fight, but as always, it the Yankees and the Red Sox up top. The Red Sox dominating the #1 spot. In AL Central, last years WS Champs White Sox are at the top, but the Tigers aren't far behind. The Tigers are having a great season so far. After 38 games, they're .658. And the Indians who started the season off hot are 6 1/2 games away from the Sox and under .500. The Twins are having a hard time in 4th and the Royals are sporting the worst ML record at 10-26. In the West, the Rangers and the A's are above .500 and taking turns at first. The Mariners and the Angels taking turns at last. In the National League, the Mets continue to rule the standing. The Philles are benefiting from Gordon who leads the NL with 13 saves. The Braves are finding themselves in the unfamiliar spot of third. Their pitching is just not where it should be. The Nats and the Marlins share the basement spot in the East. The Cardinals and the Reds lead the Central. Houston and Milwaukee the other teams over .500 in that division. The Cubs and the Pirates under. In the NL West every team is over .500, with the Dodgers and the Giants even. The Rockies and the Padres are tied in second, half a game away from the Diamondbacks.

Bonds hasn't hit *the* homer. Clemens hasn't announced anything besides his family is warming up to the idea of him pitching again.


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