Monday, May 08, 2006

Bonds One Away From Ruth

There's more than a ten year difference in these pictures.

The MLB has already decided that no celebrating would be done when Barry Bonds hits his next two homeruns. The first will tie him in second with Babe Ruth for career homeruns; the second will settle him behind Hank Aaron. Are there even Bonds fans out there? I've caught a few seconds of a few Bonds on Bonds. He was crying in all the clips I saw, so apparently steroids don't take all the wussy out of you. Though I am one of the baseball fans that won't believe it until there's proof.
1986-1997 SLG: .552
1998-2006 SLG: .791
Hmm...that's a big difference.
1986-1997 HR/AB: 374 HR/6069 AB. AVG: HR/ 16.2 AB
1998-2006 HR/AB: 339 HR/3136 AB. AVG: HR/ 9.3 AB
Hmm...that's also a big difference.
Can I just ask one question? Has MLB even tested him since all the speculation started? Because I know at my job if they suspect I'm drugging it up, they can test me. How is it that retail America is ahead of the major league organization?


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