Friday, May 19, 2006

Call Up Shake Up

Bad managing? Slow start? Injuries? Schedule? Weather? World Baseball Classic? No Yankee excuse of the week... gas prices. Apparently gas prices are even too high for the Yankees A-game, who hasn't been attending many games.
Jaret Wright's game was there. He started off beautifully. He was throwing a shutout until the 7th, getting himself out of sticky situations more than once. He gave up 3 runs, but he had control and confidence in his fastball. Scott Erickson came in in the 7th inning. He pitched 2 innings and faced 12 batters. Erickson didn't do so hot. He walked the first batter he faced. After that he walked 3 more batters and in the ninth gave up a homer to the leadoff man. When Villone came in and started off with 2 walks I turned the game off. But, alas, the game stayed Texas 6 New York 2.
Offensively our bat were slow and our eyes were bad. 10 strikeouts 5 hits. Damon briefly showed up at the game to bring in the only runs for the Yankees with a 2-out 2-RBI single.
Bubba Crosby was injured. Who know when? It was either in a attempting diving catch in the 5th or the at bat in the bottom of the same inning. Either way he was pulled out with a strained hamstring. So nothing too serious but still injury #1796. In comes, Kevin Reese to PR for Crosby. In his season debut he committed a fielding error and went 0-for-2. It must be the nerves. Excuse #796. Melky Cabrera played solid defense. He came up with two great plays and went 1-for-3 and scored a run. He was one of the only four Yankees not to strikeout.
Posada pinch hit for Stinett in the 7th. Joe Torre assumingly brought him in to homer again. Surely baseball does not need to be explained to the skipper.
Our pitching. Our outfield. Our infield. Our pride. They've all gotten picked and bruised and some even tattered. This is a chance for the Yankees to really stand up and show that it's the team that wins and not the players. So after a classic Tuesday, a winning Wednesday, the Yankees fell short on only their 2nd day game loss of the season.


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