Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Embarrassing Yankee Pitching

First game of the Yankee-Red Sox series was tonight. The Yankees were blown away, 14-3. Villone, who let 4 men on in two innings, was the best pitcher. He had two hits. He forfeited two walks, one was actually a HBP to Trot Nixon. The second walk came next to Pena; that loaded the bases. But Villone got himself out of trouble and no runs were earned. So what's Torre do? He puts Sturtze in. This would be the same pitcher who's neck he wanted to wring in the previous game. I just hope that this was the final nail in Sturtze's coffin. I'm not even going to talk about the other pitchers. Even though only 2 of Johnson's 7 runs were earned, he shouldn't have give up that many bases. That is all I will say on that. ARod was hitless in 2 at bats but did manage 2 errors. Other hitless Yankees? Damon, Matsui, Cairo, Stinnett and Bernie. Bernie actually showcased much of what Yankee fans were feeling when he threw his batting helmet back to the umpire. Very uncharacteristic. He got ejected. Oh and another managing error, calling Melky Cabrera up in a series against Boston. If the Yankees really want to use him they should have waited until the Baltimore series. Current Yankee MVP, Giambi, homered. Didn't do us much good besides that run to 1000. The only numbers I care about are under the win column. I just hope that tomorrow Schilling will falter and Mussina will continue to shine. Game's being broadcast nationally on ESPN for those of you unfortunate enough to have a baseball package.

Around the majors: The Royals upset the Indians, 10-7 (!) The Pirates shutout the Diamondbacks 3-0. Braves beat the Marlins, 10-2. Orioles edged out the Tigers in a close game, 7-6. A Mets error let the Phillies go to a 9-game winning streak, 4-5. Despite 2 runs in the ninth the Jays lose to the A's, 6-5. The Nats beat the Reds, 7-1. Three homeruns help the White Sox beat the Angels, 9-1. Twins score early beating the Rangers, 15-5. Pujols' 3-run homer in the eigth help the Cardinals quiet the Rockies. Mariners beat the Rays 8-1. It's tied for the Brewers and the Padres in the 7th. Another tie game for the Astros and the Dodgers in the 6th. And it's the Giants over the Cubs, 6-1 in the top of the eighth.


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