Friday, May 12, 2006

Homeruns, Double Plays, Pitching

Wang played a full 8 innings. 8 innings. That is one away from a complete game. That is one away from a shutout. He only had thrown 85 pitches. 85 pitches! Let's use a comparison A's starter Barry Zito threw 110 pitches. He played 6 innings. But Wang, New York Yankee Chien-Ming Wang, threw 85 pitches in 8 innings. Nice job. He allowed only 3 hits and a couple walks. Not at all bad. Let's hope this continues. Rivera was able to get in there and steal Wang's shutout, I mean get save #7. I love Rivera and we won the game. The Yankees were way down at the bottom of the majors with the least amount of douple plays but they were able to pick up 5 in tonight's game. ARod and Williams both took pitchers deep, home runs providing the only runs of the game. Our defense looked good, our pitching looked good, our offense... Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Matsui's surgery was successful. Trade rumors are flying everywhere. I've heard Shannon Stewart, Aubrey Huff, Torii Hunter, Bobby Abreu, Alfonso Soriano, and the list goes on. I'm thinking maybe give those kids a try. You know the ones that you bring up in the farm system to possibly play in the majors. Melky Cabrera, Kevin Thompson, Kevin Reese. I had the oppurtunity to watch the guys play in Spring Training. The only one I really remember for what he did is Reese. Matsui proved to be a class act Yankee. He issued a statement that was full of remorse and regret. He really proved to be a team player. Not at all like that other outfielder on the DL. Though Sheffield is missed and the word is that his 'injury' might be more serious than thought. Damon's banged up too. So between our outfielders and pitchers we're playing with a team of cripples and insecure players. Matsui is slated to be out for 3 months, minimum. I've heard some places taking him out for a year. I have to stop...


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