Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jorge Cleans Up

When I first saw the lineup I was confused. Posada batting cleanup!?! Phillips DHing!?! So, of course, I wasn't too surprised when the Rangers started off well. They were 9-1 in the second, 10-3 in the third. I thought it was over. I made a cardinal mistake. I seemed to have forgot what the great sport of baseball is. The Yankees came back with a hot 6th, they were up 10-11 at the end of that inning. But then the Rangers responded, 12 up in until the ninth. When the Rangers scored off of Rivera in the 9th I held my breath. I didn't exhale until, with two outs and a man on, Posada hit a 2-run walk-off homerun. What a game, what a game. Chacon was HORRIBLE! He allowed 6 hits and gave up 2 walks, all men on base able to score only one of those runs unearned. Oh and that was in 1 1/3 inning. Yeah... Small came in and pitched 4 1/3 innings allowed 6 hits and 2 runs. The one pitcher that did amazing was, yet again, Farnsworth. He came in the eighth and went 3 up 3 down with two strike outs. Jeter looked good. He went 4-for-5, a walk, scored 3 runs and 4 RBIs. Damon seems to have found his bat, 3-for5, a walk and able to score 4 times. Posada had a good night. On top of an amazing defensive block of home he was 2-for-3 with a couple sac flies, 5 RBIs and a walk. The Yankees are #2 in the AL East, one game away from the Red Sox. The Yankees continue their series versus Texas tonight with Wang starting against Kameron Loe.


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