Sunday, May 07, 2006

Series of the Week

It's only May, yet somehow I have Octoberesque feelings about this upcoming series (bit dramatic, no?). Both the Yankees and the Red Sox are tied for first in the AL East, though the Yankees are ahead by percentage points. They're carrying impressive winning streaks, Yankees 5, Red Sox 4. Randy Johnson and Josh Beckett are set to lead the series off. I'm more excited about Wednesday matchup of Schilling and Mussina. Moose's 2.35 beats Schilling's 3.02 ERA, and Moose will definitely get more run support. But last season ARod went 1-for-11 against Schilling. The one hit was a homerun. Schilling throws lots of strikes too so we more than likely will not see many walks. Schilling's only issued 7 in 47.2 innings this season and last year he issued only 4 walks to Yankee hitters. Another late inning matchup that may be interesting to watch will be Papelbon and Rivera. I love Rivera and, after last Yankee/Red Sox game, I hate Papelbon. I will say that there are a few Sox players that I dislike simply because of their talent. Papelbon would be one of those. I don't think we'll see the two in the same inning though. Not unless Rivera goes in for a save and then gives up runs to put the Red Sox ahead, and then Papelbon comes in to 'seal the deal'.

Oh captain, my captain... Jeter was RED HOT. The key word there is was. In April he was hitting .398, so far this month .154 with three hitless games in the past week. Matsui, however, seems to be improving. He's hitting 9 points over his April average. Cano is also doing well; he's on a 7-game hitting streak. Bernie's also on a hit streak and batting over .400 for the month.

Recapping the past series against the Rangers. I only need to say two words: straight sweep. But... pitching wasn't consistent and we had to rely on too many big ab's. That is all.

Around the majors, the Braves surprised the hell out of me. 13-3 over the Mets!? Impressive. I didn't watch the game but Smoltz looked like he pitched a nice one. But it's the Braves offense that the game belonged to. Tampa beat Oakland, 3-2 and took the series. The Rockies swept the 'Stros. The Padres beat the Cubs, protecting their 7-game winning streak and continuing the Cubs 5-game losing streak. So the Astros contacted Clemens agent. They offered him $12 million for 4 months. If I was him I would play in Houston. But I'm me and I want him to retire or put on the pinstripes again. His agents say that he'll make his decision before June 15. Hmmm...why am I having visions of Favre dancing through my head?

Let me just end by bidding Torre congratulations for his 1,000th win as Yankees manager. Even if the man doesn't always make the wisest moves, he apparently knows something. Congrats, Torre.


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