Thursday, May 11, 2006

Yankees On Their Knees

Blown game by the New York Yankees tonight. So not only did they lose but Matsui is out with a broken left wrist. When I saw him holding that wrist several things crossed my mind: his game starting streak, which was 518 games, how the lineup would change and whether Cabrera or Bernie would come in for him. Well, game streak was officially over tonight because he didn't play a full side, Bernie batted fifth but was brought in to play right, moving Bubba to left. Up until the 7th, the Yankees had a defensive gem, key plays by Bubba who robbed Lowell of a homerun, Damon who robbed Mirabelli of a homerun, Cano made a stopping catch. But none of it mattered because two runs scored in the seventh after a quick throw and dropped ball. Jeter looked better at the plate, didn't matter. Our pitching did not allow a hit to Ramirez or Ortiz, didn't matter. Bubba had an amazing night, didn't matter. Hell What did matter was that Damon, Giambi, Cairo and Cano all went hitless. This may be an excuse but I have to blame the wind for the Red Sox win tonight. With two outs Alex Gonzalez hit a ball to right looked like it was going foul but it made its way back into fair territory. Bernie couldn't get to it in time and when it bounced back into the stands, ground rule double. I was very glad to see the fan who caught the ball throw it back.

Matsui was out of the game on the second batter of the night. He made a diving catch and his wrist went under him. He suffered a broken wrist. His 518 consecutive game streak ended tonight. It's sad to see a good guy like Matsui get injured like this. He's going in for a 'surgical procedure' on Friday, no word on when he will return. So we will be playing without Matsui and without Sheffield, who is on the DL for wrist injury until the end of May. That lineup that everyone talked about has disappeared. Funny to think that most people were concerned with keeping our pitching healthy. Baseball's a funny sport.

I have to tip my hat to the Red Sox (but I will not call them my daddy). They took advantage of everything the Yankees screwed up. They played hard and proved that they are going to be a tough win. Papelbon continued to impress. The Red Sox definitely have something going with their Timlin/Foulke/Papelbon set up. The Red Sox win it 5-3.

Around the Majors:
Bonds still hasn't caught Ruth and Clemens still hasn't decided.


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