Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Yanks Play Long Ball

Tonight Moose came out of the cages and gave me a little jump. He let up a homerun to Ortiz in the first and to Lowell in the second. He didn’t come out pitching his best game but somewhere in the second he found his rhythm and regained control. Everything I complained about last night seemed to work itself out tonight. The Yankees won it, 7-3. ARod scored a solo homerun, and Giambi and Posada each hit a 2-run homer. This is a game I like to win. We went up against good pitching and our offense proved that we have it. Besides Giambi’s fielding error in the third our defense looked sharp. I’m with Joe Morgan though I would have adjusted the shift for Ortiz. But what the hell do I know? Cabrera did quite well. He got all the balls he should have and collected a walk. I don’t know how good it was to replace him by Bubba. He lost an at bat and maybe some confidence. Though I don’t know if it did anything for Bubba either backing up a rookie. Posada was gorgeous. He went 2-for-4 with big at bats. Our 1-2, Jeter and Damon, continue to watch their batting averages lower. I was going to say something about Steinbrenner’s comments, but apparently he was misinterpreted. MmmHmm. But just like ARod said: He signs the checks, so he can say whatever he wants. And what would our Yankees be without money? Speaking of Yankee money, Pavano was at the stadium tonight. Why? Maybe moral support? Maybe motivation? Maybe it got to warm in Tampa and he was getting a sunburn? He’ll be pitching for AA Trenton on Friday; I’ll let you know how that goes.


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